Monday, February 11, 2013

Are You Getting Your Miles In?

The 2013 Race season is quickly approaching. Are you going to be ready?

Here is about every place I know to look to find out when & where the races are happening. Here is everything from leg shaven roadies to trail riding hippys, its all here.

Prologue Cycling Magazine - Great site for Midwest cycling/racing news. Pretty inclusive calender. I have only noticed a handful of MTB races not on it.

United Federation of Dirt - MTB Paradise! Race calender and results only.

Psycowpath - Nebraska MTB Series.

Local Cycling dot com - Another pretty good site to get some info. I see mostly Road and Cross than MTB, but its there too.

Earthriders Forum - MTB race forum here. If your wondering why something is the way it is in the MTB race scene, you will find it here. Great site if there is a looming thunderstorm, etc, before a MTB race to see if its happening or not.

There you have it! Hope it helps you schedule your upcoming season..

Pic from the ever popular BoneBender MTB Race 2012

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  1. No miles, just a few hours on the torture bike (trainer. Has anyone been on the trails?