Friday, April 5, 2013

Season is getting started!!

Looks like the first big race of the year is next weekend! We have several riders already signed up.

Its a great event Chis Lock puts on each year. I think this is the 4th one. Its an endurance race with solo and duo, 3 hour and 6 hour options. The course is always fun and fast with just enough rocks to keep you honest.

In other news, some of the crew made a road trip down to AK for a little spring training... Maybe we can get one of them to do a little write up..

In other news, Road Racing is already in full effect with JDoug hitting up some races already at Perry Lake, KC and Travis hitting up some early racing down in AZ.

Travis, Mini Race Report..

Lots of fun at Foray at the Fort!(Fort Huachuca) Awesome 1.5 mile climb with with sand and loos rocks to start each lap! 3 laps, 15 miles, 2800ft of ascent and an altitude near 5000ft(which made my lungs burn like fire). I found out why they put that little chain ring on the front lol. I rode a pretty clean race this time. I did notice that I was a little more cautious on the rocky downhills. The Scalpel AL 3 has really been a great bike! I still need more practice on the fast downhills but I'm improving as time goes by. That is the part of the race where the fast guys leave me. They ride soo smooth through the rocky downhills. This race took every ounce of energy I had but left me with enough to smile! Cat 1 and Pros did 25 miles! Marathon 45 miles! Wow!

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